The Republic of Cyprus occupies the southern part of the island of Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean. The capital city of Cyprus is Nicosia. The island is divided with Turkey to the north. Known for beaches, it also has a rugged interior with wine regions. It has $27516 billion GDP and $30882 per capita.

Why Cyprus?
Studying in Cyprus you will receive a high quality international education at an affordable cost. You will make friends from all over the world at whichever of the Cyprian universities you choose to attend. As Cyprus is located at the crossroad of Africa, Asia and Europe it has experienced many different cultures through time. Be prepared for a diverse explosion of culture as you enter this beautiful Mediterranean island. International students are permitted to work part time during their studies and also allowed to work full time after their studies.



Gap Percentage Academic Level Tuition Fees
Bachelors Optional/Not Required Gap Accepted Minimum 50% 10+2 passed 4600 €
Masters Optional/Not Required  Gap Accepted Minimum 50% Bachelors Passed 5020 €