Company Profile

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
Streamlined Education Pvt. Ltd.
situated in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu is a registered company established in May 2013 according to the company act 2006 of Nepal. We are registered in internal tax department VAT No. 601875133. We have a team of dedicated and experienced professional education consultant.

We believe in honesty and integrity and provide our clients all assistance required from beginning to even when they are overseas. We are strongly determined and focused on to provide the best of alternatives suitable to our clients in terms of abroad study, test preparation. We provide complete guidance in documentation processing and other services for our students seeking to study in countries like USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, New Zealand and many others.

Streamlined maintains 100 percent transparency in its services with clients. We feel very much lucky to prepare our students in choosing right course in right colleges/universities abroad in respect to their academic background, financial ability and their interest of course.

Our Features:

  • Well trained and certified academic counselors.
  • Wide range of colleges and universities for students to choose.
  • Located at the heart of capital city (Kathmandu), at the center of New Baneshwor( Very easy to locate ) and branch offices at Samakhusi and Chabahil within Kathmandu Valley.
  • Well furnished classroom for students with free internet usage.


Vision and Mission

  • To be a leader in this field of education services in near future.
  • Our mission is to get connect and increase our access with colleges and universities worldwide so that we can proudly satisfy
  • Our students and give them ample of opportunities to study abroad.

Company Profile

Who we are?
Streamlined Education is one of the best and reliable education consultants in Kathmandu, Nepal who genuinely guides and assist for abroad education and other services. We have proven to be one of the successful company to provide our students the best and quality services relating to studies and test preparations. Selecting best colleges/universities, assisting properly in documentation and visa lodgments, providing general services to the students once they reach their desired destinations has been one of the remarkable work that we have done consistently and made our clients very satisfied.

We offer a great opportunity for students to get a study path in various countries. We act as a strong bridge to connect our students to their destinations. We have ushered hundreds of students, erased all their confusions, answered all their questions, enhanced their confidence and in return, has received a pile of ‘thank-you-note’ from the students who received our services. To-date, Streamlined has straightened the zigzag life- path of many students. We do this confidently and professionally.

What we do?

Our primary goal is to connect students with colleges and universities around the world. To accomplish this we have a large range of courses for students to choose from different countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, France and many others. Students looking for reliable and secure study programs to study abroad can undoubtedly choose us and rely on us for proper guidance and assistance.

Why choose us?

  • We help to make right choice considering students’ interest with the help our trained, certified, experienced and dedicated education counselors.
  • We provide regular and updated advices on student queries.
  • We always answer quickly without any delay and the answer that students receive from us regarding study programs, countries, lifestyles, culture etc are well researched and 100 percent true.
  • We provide tools to help test English to get ready to go abroad, assist in visa preparation & budgeting as well as reviewing statement of purpose and Letters of Recommendation to give you the best chance of successful application.