Working Procedure

1. Information:
We provide true, right information about the abroad study who visit our office for the information and knowledge.

2. Counseling:
We provide them genuine counseling with details information about the colleges, courses, processing procedure, costs (enrollment fees, estimated documentation costs, embassy fees, living expenses etc.) by our experienced and qualified counselors.

3. Admission\Enrollment:
We will try best ourselves to provide their admission confirmation in time.

4. Documentation Guidance:
We provide step by step documentation procedure guidance and will provide information & assistance to prepare it.

5. Visa Apply Assistance:
We provide information to the students where they should submit their documents, what is the deadline, what time will it take for the reply etc.

6. Visa Interview Preparation:
We conduct interview preparation class before estimated visa interview date, prepare students to face interview confidently making sure they have all required information about their proposed study program, destination country and clear future vision and career ambition.